Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Organizers:    Rotaract Clubs in Mongolia, New Young Leaders Club, YLP Alumni Association
Total participants: 48

1. Introduction
Please see the presentation
·         [TownHall_Youth_GRI_template_final_mongol.pdf]
The presentation includes:
Info about WEF, GRI, YGL and OYW
Organizers in Mongolia
6 pillars of GRI
Online discussion
2. GRI Town Hall meeting Mongolia
Introduction of the 10 discussion questions of the 5 selected pillars [please refer to the

3. What to expect on December 5th and 6th?
Please refer to the presentation about discussion “rules”

All participants are informed about:
How the discussion will be organized
What language to use in the discussion and for writing the draft resolutions
How the two best participants will be selected for the One Young World Summit
Who will work as facilitators and who as judges

4. Get to know each other – a short game
Please download all these files. Click here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enhancing Security

People in situations of desperation often turn to violence and crime; creating a sense of fear in society. How can we create a world where people feel safe and free from terror? How can we find peace in a world with war and conflict?

Building Effective Institutions

Our world is becoming more globally connected yet our legal systems exist at the national level and often conflict or are ignored at the local and international level. How should the world be run and governed in a way that is fair and meets the needs of everyone?

Strengthening Economies

How can we redesign the world so that there are not extreme gaps between the rich and the poor? How can we ensure that every person has an opportunity to be employed with a job that is related to their skills and interests? How do we end corruption?

Ensuring Sustainability

Our forests' sources of fresh water are being depleted, our oceans are being polluted and ecosystems are being destroyed. How can we protect our planet and our natural resources so that we are not threatening current and future generations?